Buildings and Grounds

This ministry creates and cares for all of St. George’s sacred space.
Meets on Sundays
Entrance gate to the meditative garden at St. George's, which has an angled roof and red pillars, and is flanked by trees.

St. George’s is fortunate to have a large property (4.5 acres) which includes the sanctuary, meeting hall and classrooms, an interior garden and labyrinth, a columbarium and sandstone baptismal font, as well as a large interfaith meditation garden with paths and benches, an office, and a meadow. It is beautiful, sacred space for the church community and for our neighbors.

The Building and Grounds ministry is composed of people who seek to make this space a welcoming, well-maintained place to feel safe, to reflect, and to be involved in the life of a church. We are currently excited about the potential to make use of our meadow for development of low-income housing. Come be a part of this greatly valued ministry!

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