Altar Guild

St. George’s Altar Guild works the “backstage” of our service by preparing the altar and sanctuary for our community worship.
Wide shot view of St. George's sanctuary centered on altar, organ, and Christ statue, with many paper cranes hanging from strings attached to the ceiling.

Altar Guild is a ministry that serves St. George’s community by preparing for the liturgy, from setting up the altar—filling candles, keeping the sanctuary light lit, preparing bread and wine, doing the housekeeping of the sacristy—to getting the church ready for each new season and for special services. Hopefully we help to add to the beauty of our sanctuary, so that it may be a quiet and exciting place to meet God.

We welcome all who would like to be a part of this ministry. We have a place for you also if you like to bake bread, lift, climb, reach, carry and provide wonderful support! Just come say hello!

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