Spirituality and the Arts

The connection of our creative potential and the holy is one that many of us seek.
Meets regularly
The St. George's choir of five members rehearsing near the organ under direction from the music director.
“It is the creative potential itself in human beings that is the image of God.” — Mary Daly

The connection of our creative potential and the holy is one that many of us seek. Recently, Rev. Karri led a group at St. George’s in the study of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way in which we practiced and shared art’s transforming spirit. We played with paint, participated in a drum circle, attended local theater and celebrated with a party, sharing what we are learning. This group has also inspired collaborative art at St. George’s involving the whole community.

We recognize this connection of art and spirit as integral to the liturgy every Sunday and through the seasons as we work together to bring beauty and meaning to our sanctuary and gardens.

And a small group has formed to meet regularly to explore creative experiences of the Spirit in ourselves and in each other. We are people who want to learn - we are playful and nonjudgmental, and we enjoy each other.

Please ask us about what we are currently exploring!

O Great Creator. . .
Help us to love one another,
To nurture each other’s unfolding,
To encourage each other’s growth,
And understand each other’s fears.
Help us to know that we are not alone,
That we are loved and lovable.
Help us to create as an act of worship to you.

— From An Artist’s Prayer, by Julia Cameron

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