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St. George Interfaith Meditation Garden

St. George Interfaith Meditation Garden

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A place of peace and harmony for all

The interfaith community of Riverside gathered at St. George’s Episcopal Church Sept. 27, 2015 to dedicate the new Interfaith Meditation Garden hosted by the parish. J. Jon Bruno, bishop of the Diocese of Los Angeles and president of the Los Angeles Council of Religious Leaders, led the dedication service along Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh representatives, along with the Rev. Khushnud Azaria, vicar of St. George’s Church. Above; the faith leaders dedicate a fountain that wells from a large block of stone. They drew water from the fountain with which they blessed sections of the meditation garden, which, according to Azariah, “is a quiet place created for meditation, prayer and relaxation; to build a bridge of cooperation among people of varied experiences, faiths and beliefs; and to promote tolerance, peace and harmony.” 

Take a look at our Interfaith Meditation Garden Booklet

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